Approximately 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18.
Persons with developmental disabilities are sexually assaulted more frequently by a factor estimated between 4 and 10.

The average victim of child abuse is between 8 and 11 years old.
Some experts suggest that the most vulnerable child is between the ages of 6 and 10, and living in a two-parent home. Some experts estimate that 5 or 6 children in a typical class- room of thirty have been affected by sexual abuse, regardless of geographic area, race, or socioeconomic class.

Approximately 90% of offenders are known to the children.
In addition, a child is 3 times more likely to be molested by a recognized, trusted adult than by a stranger. 50% of child victims are molested in their own homes or in the offender’s home.

One recent study in Oregon found that more than 80% of known rapists were abused as children.
The offender who rapes and is incarcerated has had an average of 65 victims during his lifetime.

Perpetrators of sexual abuse are compulsive and repetitive in their offending behavior.
The average pedophile will have an average of 244 victims in his lifetime. Forty-two percent of pedophiles begin their sexual abusing behaviors before the age of 12. Seventy-five percent of all perpetrators begin offending before age 13.

Some experts say that incestuous parents often love their children.
However, those parents put their sexual intimacy needs before those of the children. Sometimes this is due to a crisis period in their lives or because boundaries in the family get confused or unclear. The average length of an incestuous relationship is three years; it is rarely a one-time occurrence.

Child Sexual Assault: The Perpetrator

29% of offenders are relatives; 60% are acquaintances; and only 11% are strangers.
It has been calculated that the chances of getting caught for child molestation are approximately 3%. Fewer than 1% of offenders are arrested, convicted and imprisoned.

Studies recently found 80% of incestuous fathers in a sex offender treatment program were sexually abused as children, but did not report the abuse.
49% of incest offenders who molest girls within the family, molest girls outside the family as well. Of those incest offenders who molest boys within the family, 61% molest females outside the family and 68% molest males outside the family.