Welcome to the Crisis Center of Anderson and Cherokee Counties!  

As you page through our Web site, you’ll begin to discover what a truly extraordinary place we are.  You’ll be amazed by the diversity and breadth of our services and how we are able to bring so many highly skilled professionals together under one roof, all for the purpose of offering help, hope and healing to people dealing with family violence, child abuse, and sexual assault. 

You may be impressed as well by the number of community residents (over 2000 individuals and families) who turn to us each year during some of the darkest and most tragic moments in life. What’s even more impressive, though, is the difference that we make in the lives of the individuals who seek our services. 

What makes the Crisis Center of Anderson and Cherokee Counties truly extraordinary, however, is not just what we do, how well we do it or the countless lives we touch.  What makes the Crisis Center truly extraordinary is that we are an expression, a direct representation of you and other extraordinary people like you who make our work possible.  

Were it not for our volunteers and many private donors, the Crisis Center would be nothing more than a need itself.  Each year we must raise funds to support the many services we provide. These services include:
  • Forensic interviews
  • Counseling by licensed professional counselors
  • Victim advocacy ( court and law enforcement, hospital )
  • Housing at our safe house locations
  • Community Education and Trainings
  • Case management

The Crisis Center is committed to serving everyone who turns to us for help.  That means we can’t just maintain our services and programs; we have to grow and for us to do that, we need you.  If you are truly one of the extraordinary people that I know you are, page through this Web site and then, get involved.  There are three ways that you can help.  

  • Volunteer
  • Donate financially
  • Pray

The Crisis Center is extraordinary, not just because of who we are or what we do, but because of people like you who make what we do possible.  You are the Crisis Center of Anderson and Cherokee Counties, and because of you someone somewhere today will not have to live in fear. They will know that there is a safe place they can receive help!


Donald Hammock
Executive Director

Office of the Attorney General of Texas
National Children's Alliance
Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas

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