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Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse

Telling about sexual abuse is extremely difficult for most children. They are afraid and often don't know how to tell about

Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse2017-04-12T17:40:02+00:00

How to Respond When a Child Discloses Abuse

Research has taught us a very important fact that all parents should know: The single most important factor in a child's doing

How to Respond When a Child Discloses Abuse2017-04-12T17:31:30+00:00

The Myths Associated with Child Sexual Assault

MYTH: Children are usually molested by strangers. FACT: 85% of children are molested by someone they know. The people most likely to

The Myths Associated with Child Sexual Assault2017-04-12T17:33:15+00:00

The Dynamics of Domestic Violence

The Texas Council on Family Violence defines Domestic Violence as: a pattern of coercive controls that one-person exercises over another. It is

The Dynamics of Domestic Violence2017-04-12T17:34:53+00:00

Why Does She Stay?

The first question generally asked, by the public is often, "Why does she stay?" or "Why doesn't she just leave?". The

Why Does She Stay?2017-04-12T17:35:07+00:00

Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

Children living in violent homes often experience behavioral problems. For example they are at high risk for drug and alcohol abuse

Effects of Domestic Violence on Children2017-04-12T17:35:26+00:00

The Cycle of Domestic Violence

Dr. Lenore Walker was the first to recognize that battering incidents were neither random nor continuous (Walker, 1979) She described a

The Cycle of Domestic Violence2017-04-12T17:35:37+00:00

Some Indicators of Potential Violence

The following signs often occur before actual abuse and may serve as clues to potential abuse: Did he or she grow

Some Indicators of Potential Violence2017-04-12T17:35:48+00:00
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