Legal Advocacy

The Crisis Center offers the following services to help guide clients through the legal process and to help educate them regarding their rights as a victim.

Protective Orders

The Crisis Center helps victim’s through the process of applying for and obtaining protective orders. We have attorneys who work with us to see that our clients receive the greatest level of protection applicable to their case.


We have a long-standing list of legal professionals that we have worked with in the past who specialize in representing victims of family violence, rape, and incest. We share our contacts with our clients so that we may refer them to the proper representative for their case.

Victim’s Compensation Assistance

We act as a liaison for the Texas Crime Victim Compensation Program, which provides financial assistance with a variety of expenses relating to a crime.

Personal & Court Accompaniment

We have staff members and court advocates who personally accompany clients, as needed, for legal interviews and court procedures.

Educating Victims on their Rights

We help educate victims on what provisions they are entitled to under the law.

  1. The right to be treated with fairness and respect;
  2. The right to be reasonably protected from the accused;
  3. The right to file a criminal complaint and apply for a protective order;
  4. The right to have your safety and that of your family taken into consideration when bail is being considered;
  5. The right to be informed in advance about court proceedings;
  6. The right to information about procedures in the criminal investigation of your case;
  7. The right to receive information about the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund.

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